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Monday, April 2, 2012

Top-Down, Bottom-Up: Radical Neal Rauhauser on Infiltrating the Right Wing

Washington D.C.
By Patrick Read

Meet Neal Rauhauser (pictured left) the Co-Founder of Progressive PST (PPST); a website that represents the social-media interests of Progressive Candidates running for office. Rauhauser is also a former writer for the radical Daily Kos (here). Apparently, even the far-left Daily Kos found Rauhauser offensive, one who needed to be taken down, because they banned him from their site after he was a featured speaker at Netroots Nation, which Daily Kos promoted!

Daily Kos was founded by Markos Moulitsas Zuniga (on twitter). He describes himself as a "libertarian-democrat" here but features the panicked rantings of the far left on his site. Markos recently made regular appearances on "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" (until fired) on Al Gore's Network, "Current TV." Whatever it took for Rauhauser to be banned by Daily Kos must have been pretty bad, especially considering how often Neal bragged about his use of Daily Kos' network server to run his "online operation." He then published a Daily Kos article professing his hacking activities & was permanently banned.

Rauhauser shares another thing in common with Olbermann (KO here) . They both like to threaten others with legal action for their careers going down the tubes (NR here) as result of their own misbehavior.

Neal Rauhauser threatened my wife, and tried to extort me last September just before our wedding. About five months later, Rauhauser did the same exact thing to Andrew Breitbart, before his untimely passing shocked the blogosphere.

Rauhauser & Olbermann like to blame othes for their "so-called career" being in the ditch. But no one made Rauhauser stalk, and harass people on social-media. And especially not while being paid by Democrats to represent their social media interest. No one made Rauahauser threaten family members of those he disagrees with either. While he passes it all off as "just a joke," the police do not share his sick sense of humor. He has two bench warrants out for his arrest, one in New Jersey, and one in Iowa. More bench warrants are sure to follow too...

Rauhauser is also linked to the (now) Stop Rush "astro-turf" boycott
here Rush Limbaugh snagged a screen-shot of those "astro-turfing his advertisers" (aka: fake boycott). At the top of the screenshot, it shows who last edited the Limbaugh boycott instructions & that person is on Twitter. He is known as "Shoq" (here), who was also on Twitter as the "Grumpy Leftist" (website) and "GregWBlowhard" (here). He is a member of former Daily Kos writer, Neal Rauhauser's group of radical E-thugs (here).

And now, Rauhauser's new endeavor (here & here) is Progressive Congress News (PCN: web site here) which is also on Twitter as the PCN Network (here)

The Twitter PCN accounts are: PCN Immigration here PCN Environment here PCN Education
here PCN LGBT here PCN Minority Issues here PCN National Security here PCN Agriculture Food here PCN Civil Liberties here PCN Seniors here PCN Labor here PCN Natural Resources here PCN Economy here etc etc etc...

Who is Rauhauser?

He is known in the blogosphere as “StrandedWind”— an implication that “wind energy” is being laid to waste by a lack of investment into wind-mill development, an inefficient technology from the Dark Ages, which if used the way Rauhauser prefers (in conjunction with industrial grade chemicals) the result would be even more CO2, not less. He also writes for: the TheOilDrum.com, the CuttingEdgeNews.com, and wrote for the DailyKOS.com (Congressman Grijalva got Breitbarted").

Neal Rauhauser has appeared on radio shows, most notably Nicole Sandler Show where Rauhauser talks of activism & Agro-Innovation. He's a member of the radical-left’s blogger campaign, Net Roots, an organization with the goal to unite & fight for socialized platforms—and to unionize bloggers. Apparently, in their collective mind, having a union boss will somehow bolster free speech.

PPST’s Rauhauser is a Community Organizer, a network manager with Cisco ratings, a political activist, a radical environmentalist, an extreme-left blogger & self professed hacker. He is on Twitter as "Stranded Wind" (left), "Neal Rauhauser", and formerly as "Wing Nut Watch"—an account now banned for inciting Twitter users, while coordinating social-activists who attack others for disagreeing with their Progressive Message. He openly admitted to creating the account on his Daily Kos article. More examples of his group are: Cyber Stealth here & their use of violence & death threats here

To the left is an example of Rauhauser's "political activism" at work during the 2010 mid term election.

And below is an entire blog that Neal Rauhauser deleted after Progressive PST (his online political action business) lost each and every election in which he was paid by Democrat candidates to represent their interest on Twitter, Facebook and other social mediums.

The now scrubbed-from-the-net article describes how Rauhauser infiltrates Right Wing groups online. Note: The user-id being trolled on Twitter (upper left) is "Jeannie McBride" aka "CouldBeMe7"
here -- an anonymous user who is now good friends with Rauhauser & helps him stalk / harass Conservatives (here). Note the bio on twitter, where "McBride" professes to be a Reagan conservative: one who can only post conservative news written by real conservatives.

Rush is right.
The whole thing was carefully orchestrated by a small number of radicals who took advantage of technology (google voice, fake twitter/email accounts etc) and they faked a boycott. How they do it, and get away with it will be disclosed going forward; but it is safe to say that their target is both the media, and average citizens with a political perspective on social media. It's a "kill the messenger, and the message" type operation, at all levels.

An easier-to-read screen shot of Rauhauser's now deleted blog on how to "infiltrate the right wing as a libertarian," which includes average citizens to bloggers and beyond, is available on Twitpic.com here

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