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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Barack Obama, Bill Clinton & Dems Coat-Tailing Newt Gingrich's Republican Revolution

By Patrick Read (2010)
Washington DC

Recently, Bill Clinton (“where are we Democrats now?” (here) -- Lost, is where!) took another shot at the tea party saying that he didn't "understand how someone could stay so angry for so long and not need therapy."

Perhaps Bill doesn’t look to his left at night when he goes to bed.

Or maybe he forgot that Anti-War protesters have been at it since the 1960s, which is a little longer than two years. They don't need therapy though, right Mr. Clinton? It's too late. Anti-War Protesters can only be helped by straight jackets.

Clinton ought to remember the drug induced Anti-War Protesters, after all he was one of them. Could the reason that Bill forgot about these protesters be the result of his drug use? Maybe this is Clinton's way of admitting he really did inhale. Of course, he wasn’t exactly in the US while protesting her loyal sons of liberty. No. Clinton documented his disdain for our military from England—and did it while his countrymen were busy driving the Communist out of South Vietnam.

It was a war escalated by one who Bill Clinton loves to coat-tail on as well, the great John F. Kennedy. As a young man, an Eagle-Scout-uniformed Bill Clinton met and shook the hand of JFK--whose war he would later go onto eagerly protest. It's a protest that has now lasted for 45 years!

JFK's brother (Teddy) also took on the same socialist ideal that Jack fought against directly during WW2, and contained during the Cold War. Consider JFK's Bay of Pigs, Cuban Missile Crisis, and his Vietnam War effort. Tell me John F. Kennedy would be happy, knowing the far Left (including his brother) would later adopt the same Marxist policy which he spent much of his "shortened by a Marxist-assassin" life fighting. Oswald, a self avowed socialist, defected to Russia before killing JFK. And Kennedy (the REAL one) would throw a fit if he ever knew the end result of his party's scam!

Here is a copy of Clinton's Vietnam Draft Letter sent from England to Col. Holmes (here). It details Clinton's hate for the military. Again, it was sent during a war that his friends and neighbors were dying while fighting to free an oppressed people. Note to the Liberals: Freedom is never imposed, because Freedom is not an imposition! These same honored men, our American troops, who unselfishly sacrificed a great deal for their country without the benefit of campaign donations were spat-on when they returned home from fighting a war to free others. And the likes of Bill Clinton and his "mind altered by acid, anti-war protesting crowd" were the ones spitting on our returning heroes.

As Bubba knows all too well, no amount of therapy can heal a mind askewed far-left, especially when so easily convinced it's right. Nor can it heal one that is tainted by a cheating husband whose affairs, and cigars, are well documented & very much part of the now askew immoral fiber of the Left.

The letter & context go directly to Clinton's lack of loyalty to both his country & his countrymen (here). His lack of loyalty to his wife & his family would later be realized.

Clinton's father must have been so proud as young Bubba went off to Russia to protest Kennedy's War (here). Russia is the country that JFK almost started World War 3 over because of Khrushchev's attempt to arm Cuba with Nuclear Weapons. Rest assured, JFK would've shattered the hand he shook years earlier had he known that young Bill Clinton would go onto embrace Russia as he protested Americans fighting against Communist in North Vietnam. It was a War escalated by JFK himself. Let alone the fact that it was by a Russian defector's hand that JFK died. Suffice it to say, John F. Kennedy would not be happy with Bill Clinton, nor with his former party's misdirection since his passing.

During his now third swipe at the tea party, Clinton took the time to remind his sheeple that he was the only President in recent American history to balance the budget. To this end, his swooning crowd erupted in applause.

They must have forgotten that Bill Clinton did not get a single budget passed after 1994—when the balanced budgets were produced. This fact was the result of the famed Republican Revolution.

With less ground to gain than they currently have, in 1994 Newt Gingrich and the GOP took over both the House & Senate. They stopped Hillary-Care from taking over one-sixth of the US economy. And in an inspiring display of moral courage, Gingrich went as far as to close down the Federal Government over the disagreement!

Much respect to the Speaker. He took the fire from the Liberal Media, and knowing he'd catch hell for it, he pressed on anyhow. The man had the heart of a lion and I’ve never once seen him lose a debate—not while being interviewed by the rabid Liberal Media and not on the floor of the House.

Clinton also misrepresented the Democrats record regarding unemployment. An example is the 1970s misery index or inflation plus unemployment. Jimmy Carter has the second highest misery index since 1940 through present day! Obama has the glorious lead of the highest combined unemployment and inflation. Obama’s average unemployment rate is 9.8%. Bush’s average unemployment rate was 5.4%.

"No nation can tax itself into prosperity," is a famous JFK quote. This laid the groundwork for Kennedy to both lower the income tax rate and to lower capital gains tax. Maybe the drug ridden brain of Bill Clinton forgot that part of history too!

I would also remind Bill Clinton, and his swooning crowd, that he was also one of the only Presidents to ever be impeached! Of course, if he ever looked over to his left at night, Bill might remember that part of his storied past.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Alaska: A Vote For Murkowski Is Vote For China

By Patrick Read
Washington DC
The US National Debt is currently $13.7 Trillion (here), and is 93% of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The CBO reports that by 2015 our debt will reach 102% of GDP (here). This fact puts in play, and makes crucial, every single Senatorial Election - especially in Alaska - where a RINO and a true Conservative are doing battle.  

The nation's ever rising rate of expense means two things: interest rates are sure to soar thus impacting employment even more (as supplies cost more, businesses will have less to invest in new hires). It also means that Communist China will all but literally own America by way of her debt & the US must find a way to repay it (Benjamen Francklin's quote - "those who would trade security for liberty deserve neither" - rings a bell).
Given the need for a full rebound  & proper free-market economic recovery, it is clear that the 2010 Mid-Term Elections are the most important elections in 2 Generations. Never before has the US faced this type insolvency, where not only banks and every other US institution needs a bailout, but so do entire States (like California, Illinois & New York). 
At what point will the US stop whistling past the graveyard and bring back conservative fiscal discipline? There has to be an end to careless spending—so much so that our very revenue is now literally owned by China.
For starters, Americans have to demand that bailouts, meant to benefit union after union & results in “no new employment at all,” must come to an end. There is an all but lonely court system just waiting for the chance to renegotiate selfish union contracts that hold America’s Private Business hostage. It’s time we let them do their job and earn their pay check.   
But if the likes of the US Senate candidate from Alaska, Lisa Murkowski, has her way—the spending will not stop, the recovery will not ensue, the growth of government will never reverse and she will spend another 20 years flip-flopping about on the Senate floor like a fish in need of environmental protection!  Lisa Murkowski’s clearly only casts her vote on issues that catches herself political favor and to spite a stunning lack of integrity, she displays less & less moral fiber and strong character—which is needed to face the issues on the “American People’s Table.”
Her voting record is pathetic, but only when she is there to vote at all. Lisa Murkowski has missed 28 votes (HERE) in the past year alone. She has not even cast a vote in the last 15 sessions. Why? She was out breaking her word given during her concession speech to the Republican Primary victor & campaigning for her self-ordained write-in candidacy instead of representing her constituents.
While she asks for her constituents and special interest to donate to HER campaign, Murkowski has NOT bothered to donate one dime on behalf of her own political career (here). Like father, like daughter.  Joe Miller is the only US Senate candidate from Alaska to have donated his own money to his own campaign (here). He put his own money where his mouth is to the tune of $93,000.00. Both McAdams and Murkowski simply took from the people without giving to their own camps at all.  
Most would consider a bill regarding Tax Law Amendments to be important. But Lisa Murkowski is not everyone. She was a “No Vote” (here).  When it came to establishing a Federal Budget Deficit Commission, once again, Murkowski was a “No Vote” (here).
It gets better—last June Murkowski voted NO on demanding the Treasury to issue a report of the risk of Foreign Countries holding US Debt (here). It’s called CYA or a very deep denial of the facts. And when it rains, it "pours!"
Alaska knows all too well that the ever growing Federal Government’s power over their land is part of what’s holding this nation back from engaging in REAL economic reform. As the nation’s second largest producer of oil, they know that petroleum is the lifeblood of the US economy and is a cheap & efficient energy. Given cheaper oil prices; there would be savings on overhead, savings on shipping, cheaper prices for goods and services, and all of this would spark our country’s re-employment efforts and drive our economy as competitive on the international stage once again.
Instead, what the nation sees  are representatives like Scott McAdams trying to sell us on less efficient renewable energy which is “properly governed and controlled by the Federal Government” and not the private market (here). While some cry that we’ve hit peak oil, Alaskans know it’s only because the Federal Government has NOT opened up more than 2% of our own Natural Resources to fossil fuel production (here). Note the lack of movement in the Colorado Rockies, which is oil-shale rich.
Yet Lisa Murkowski promotes renewable energy which is 40% less efficient than petroleum. In 2007 (here), Murkowski voted for the government to enforce production levels—not of free-market demand, but government demand—of the more expensive renewable bio-fuel to 36 Billion gallons produced per year by 2022. The Left hopes renewable energy will replace fossil fuel, and if it doesn’t they want to enforce Cap and Trade; which is also on the agenda before 2012.
One would think that Lisa Murkowski would be all-in on blocking and/or defeating Cap & Trade block—right? Not so.
Lisa Murkowski was a “NO VOTE” on Cap and Trade (here). For someone who claims to be against Cap & Trade, this vote should have been cast—especially since the tally was so close and the issue is so important to Alaska and America.  
The Feds control our land and they refuse to let each state use its land how they see fit. Alaskans know this to be true because every representative from Ted Stevens forward has been trying to open up ANWR to drilling. They also know that California—who will seek a bailout from all the other states—is barred from drilling off shores as well.
And there is Lisa Murkowski voting to give the Federal Government control over even more land rights in states not her own (here)! What consequence could giving the Federal Government more control over our land have on this nation? Ask any Alaskan native and they’ll tell you—the consequences are dire.
She voted NO for the Defense Authorization Bill while the Country (not her) is at war (here). But she did vote to have Battlefield Commanders Testify before Congress (here) despite the lessons learned from Vietnam—keep DC off of the battlefield. She voted NO in Congress’ Expression of Support for the Men & Women in the US Armed Forces (here).
  • Murkowski has voted 6 out of the last 7 times with Obama, Pelosi and Reid.
She voted to give Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac—who are the main-cause of the sub-prime crash—even more Alaskan Tax Revenue, to the tune of $160,000,000,000.00 ($160B) (here) and they now need another $203,000,000,000.00 for a total of $363 Billion (here). Bloomberg reports it could cost the US (including Alaska) up to $1 TRILLION (here). Murkowski voted to give even more Federal Assistance to those facing foreclosure—which is what caused the crash to begin with (here).
Despite the loud and clear objection of 70% of the American People’s opposition to TARP—Lisa Murkowski voted for it & spent Alaskan Tax Revenues funding $750,0000,000,000.00 ($750B) on bailing out Bankers.  Murkowski (here) ought to realize that TARP might have worked if the RETURNING interest meant to pay down the debt was NOT re-spent at the discretion of the current administration.  
Despite her denial and to the objection of 70% of the American People, mere months after their opposition to TARP, Lisa Murkowski voted for Obama’s Omnibus spending—costing Alaska’s Tax Payers $400,000,000.00 ($400B) (here) of Revenue.

Like her father’s Good Old Boy’s Network, Lisa Murkowski had an ethical complaint filed against her too. She was busted taking a political favor in the form of an under-valued house taken from Kenai—the same firm that cost Ted Stevens his position as THE Senator from Alaska. Bob Penney offered her a loan for river front property (here), a real estate scam which would have reportedly made Murkowski up to $170,000,000.00. Obama had the same type deal made him by Tony Rezko—who recently got out of jail.
She only offered to sell the property back after a Washington DC watchdog group filed an ethics complaint against her with the US Senate. To this day, she says there was nothing impure about the scheme (here)—which would beg the question of why she decided to sell it before facing a Senate hearing if there was nothing “impure about it.” The controversy is not unlike Bill & Hillary Clinton’s involvement in the White Water scandal (here) which led to Clinton’s being impeached by the House of Reps in 1998.

Murkowski describes herself as “Roman Catholic,” but cannot be according to our Holy Catechism, which indexes   the Universal Church’s position on every issue (here). Note to Murkowski--it even has a section especially meant for those serving public office!
For her own political expediency—a selfish means to her own selfish-centered political end—Murkowski has flip-flopped on the issue and taken a position against her religion.   

She went from supporting Pro-Abortion 0% of the time in 2006, to supporting Pro-Abortion 75% of the time in 2007 – after the Democrats took control of Congress, Lisa changed her tune (here). Note the now lack of moral conviction when her political power is on the line.  Her reversal to support federal funding of abortion means that she now favors Alaska’s Tax Revenue going to “Country Wide” Chris Dodd’s state, in the form of $100 Million given by the Fed for a new hospital which will perform abortions (here). The sorority girl ought to beware, because not ALL Judeo-Christians sell out their moral convictions so easily, and even more will find the flip-flopping on moral conviction reprehensible.

She put out the call for women to engage in the same practice of sexism that led to Christian suffragettes to protest in the streets. In a stunning reversal of Christian clarity, Murkowski under-minded women’s ability to think for themselves by calling on them to vote, not based on her leadership skill or character, but based on their ovaries (here). She now affirms that she is 100% Pro-Abortion and is all for Alaska’s Tax Revenue being used for abortions carried out nationwide. To prove how progressive she is, Murkowski voted for Same Sex Marriage (here), again, contradicting her religious value.
There is a way to recover from the (man-made) Great Recession but it takes MORAL COURAGE. President Bush showed the way two times by recovering from Clinton’s DotCom recession and  then again with the 9.11 Recession. It involves us taking  the gloves off and moving the Left out of the way - allowing us to produce our own, cost-efficient petroleum so the US can re-enter the international market, drive down energy costs and spark a hiring spree.  Our leaders must make the environment Private Market friendly, and has to put an end to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac once and for all.  The economic crash just experienced ought to make that clear enough--yet Murkowski continually votes to support the two socialist-hybrid Government Subsidized Entities (GSEs).  
Murkowski, who cannot even place a vote against Cap & Trade, cannot be relied on to do the right thing.  She is not even dependable enough to show up to vote, let alone reliable enough to stand up using her moral character and do the right thing. She would rather pander herself and her nation for more political favor.

These are desperate times. While others spend their time whistling past the grave yard, those with common sense clearly understand what is at stake this election cycle. The National Debt is going to reach 102% of our Gross Domestic Product by 2015. Some would like to double down on spending, and like FDR's policies, more spending would only serve to lengthen the economic crisis. The majority  of Americans already know what's needed: a more business  & energy friendly environment, from where prosperity grows. 
But if a candidate, who possesses not even the will power and character needed to even show up to vote, wins a US Senate seat that she didn’t even earn but was bequeathed by her Daddy; this nation is in serious trouble.
Every seat matters in order for us to deter China’s take over and spark a REAL US recovery. Lisa Murkowski is one seat that should be taken from her, but not in the same vain it was given, it should be left up to the people of Alaska! One would think that this time it will be.

Scott McAdams: Campaign Linked to Racism & Violent Threats

PPST:  Neal Rauhauser's List of Volunteer Social Activist & E-thugs

By Patrick Read

Neal Rauhauser, (see the above photo album or click here) is a blogger for the Daily Kos (here) and Co-Founder of Progressive PST (here & here).  He admitted (here) to creating a Twitter account which he used to collect & recruit anonymous users to launch disgusting attacks in an attempt to intimidate those he politically disagrees with or who might be bad for Progressive PST's 9 Democrat Candidates (here).  

Among its listed clients is Alaska's US Senatorial Candidate, Scott McAdams. 

Rauhauser's company is focused on social-media sites and uses them as campaign tools as a means to win elections. In retrospect, McAdams should have trusted  his neighbors "boots on the ground" as opposed to a random extremist found on the Daily Kos and at Net Roots Nation (here).  Since his company focuses using social media, and not knocking on the door and greeting others with a polite smile (here), Rauhauser's attacks are focused on Twitter users. 

"Progressive PST" stands for Progressive Political Strategies for Twitter. 

On a side note, all of the leftist-bloggers were too busy enjoying their "working-vacation" to write any articles in protest that candidates (including Harry Reid) had the time & money enough to afford a trip to Las Vegas using "contributions." Their protest must only be reserved for Corporate America, who selfishly goes to Las Vegas and takes "working-vacations," like Net Roots Nation with their favored candidates. 

As clearly documented (here)  Rauhauser's strategies are vile and the fact that McAdams didn't do anything about the attacks raises a question about his integrity and his character. Americans already have a so-called representative, who has been yelling non-stop at half of them for two years --it doesn't need more of the same.   

And let me be clear, Scott McAdams and Neal Rauhauser are very well acquainted. 

 McAdams endorsed (here)  and promoted Neal Rauhauser's "Stranded Wind Initiative (here)." This initiative is a desperate cry by an extremely radical, anti-oil environmentalist (left) who is trying to capitalize on the governments overspending on green (renewable) energy plans (here).  Murkowski also endorsed renewable-energy (here)  when she voted for the government's demand (not the markets) raising the amount of bio-fuel "harvested" to 36 billion gallons by 2022.

McAdams lacks any real political experience and may not have done proper research before hiring the likes of Neal Rauhauser. As a former security guard turned one term Stika Mayor, Scott may have gotten into something way out of his league. 

McAdams almost has the same amount of experience as Sarah Palin had before running for her 2nd term as Wasilla Mayor. And we all know how the leftist bloggers deal with her, but somehow Scott McAdams' glaringly-clear lack of experience s being overlooked by Leftist Bloggers. As a matter of fact they are supporting his inexperience (here).

Incidentally, Murkowski served her first of two terms on Alaska's Legislature from Wasilla. She left the Legislature after her 2nd term serving Eagle River when her father appointed her to the US Senate (here).  

Using his Twitter Account (here), Neal Rauhauser (aka “Stranded Wind”) coordinates with and acts at the bequest of seven National Democrat Candidates and two state candidates. They hired him to represent their campaigns by servicing their social media needs. Per their website, Progressive PST performs “outreach to a network of social activists, ready to accelerate (the campaigns)  by ‘recruiting new supporters and volunteers.”
In previous articles, (1 2 & 3) it was disclosed that Neal Rauhauser was  also actively employing the use of racism and making violent threats to intimidate others on the Internet. His Internet-based-service "for progressives by progressives," builds candidate websites, recruits volunteers & social activist and  Rauhauser offers each candidate positive content from the media; mostly on behalf of the Daily Kos.  

Here are several articles the Daily Kos did in support of Scott McAdams (here). And here is a look at Rauhauser's organization used to support his candidates (here) as seen on Daily Kos.
In this article (here), Scott McAdams consultant, Neal Rauhauser, is seen leading a group of his activist as they attack a woman whose Veteran husband committed suicide. Rauhauser and his group berates her & mocks the death of her husband.  She was later interviewed for the article. 
Again, on August 2010 Neal R. Rauhauser admitted to opening an alternate Twitter account called “Wing Nut Watch.” He allegedly created it to monitor the “extreme elements of the tea party and right-wing,” (per his Daily Kos article). Acting on Twitter, “Wing Nut Watch,” aka "Stranded Wind" aka Neal Rauhauser serviced his nine Democrat candidates but also engaged in something very devious. Opposite his stated goal, Rauhauser put together a seemingly anonymous collection of anti-social thugs called “Legume Of Mass Destruction” and “The Bean Dog Militia.”  

These are the background articles (one & two) about the issue at hand: that an organization hired by National Democrat Candidates, including Scott McAdams,  is linked to organizing, coordinating & participating in vile attacks targeting conservatives and tea party members on social media.

After this article, Rauhauser's "Wing Nut Watch" Twitter account was deleted but his association with his social-activist & volunteers is ongoing. They can be found listed on Rauhauser's twitter page, (here). He continually attacks other social media users. And still, Scott McAdams remains silent about it.  

Tidal Wave: Health Care Will End Obama Regime

By Patrick Read

On the G Gordon Liddy Show “Live From DC” and after American Patriot, Kent Blackwell, beginning at 18 minutes and 35 seconds (at about the half way point on the scroll bar) is the "end of the Obama Regime."

Gordon was gracious enough to allow me time to talk about The Health Care Deform Bill, of which some Democrats are now running on—mere days before the electionso that their “talking points cannot be scrutinized.” Well, the Left's talking points got plenty of scrutiny with the G-Man!

The only goal for Health Care Deform is for the Federal Government to take over one-sixth of The People’s Economy. Maybe they think they’ll have the same “success” that they’ve had since the Dept. Of Education Takeover.

Click here to see a certified copy of the 2400 page health care deform bill.

Points of interest:

The Federal Government has absorbed the entire student loan program and taken it away from banks. It’s a power play to get Big Government even more involved in our children’s future—as if their stunning failure over 30 years wasn’t enough! It also places a bigger value on one minority race over the others in terms of student grants. Note: Not one student grant goes to any school in the name of white people--the one race with the most poor of all races in America.

Health Care Deform will raise capital gains tax, snuffing out any growth whatsoever by private businesses—who are the ones that hire us, when they have the money. John F. Kennedy even LOWERED capital gains & income taxes stating, “No nation can tax itself into prosperity.”

Socialized Medicine also punishes businesses with a tax penalty that “opt” to drop the elective benefit of health care insurance. Health Care is not mandatory for any employer to provide. Per Money Magazine, all premiums will rise at least 14% starting in 2011. In 2008, Obama stated of McCain’s Health Care Plan, that taxing business and/or policies to pay for health care was a bad idea. But it’s exactly what he is doing in Obamacare—just not as openly or “transparently” as McCain. The rising cost of care or the penalty fee incurred by business will further deplete funds normally used to hire people and grow the economy.

Death Preparation or Life Care Panels? (here) "An Independent Panel called the Medical Advisory Board:" Sec: 1899 (B): “the goal is to reduce the per capita rate of growth in Medicare spending.”
  • Not a government subcommittee—what candidate would want to be tied to that—instead our government hired mercs to do the dirty work!

  • Obama Care already cut 500B from Medicare.

  • As more retiring Boomers go on Medicare and spending is cut—it can only mean that the government will spend less than they do right now per individual—and this is called “better for America!” Less health care is better health care. Shocking!

As much as Obama likes to slam the Insurance Lobby, he certainly had no problem making a closed door deal with them. This was the core issue when CSPAN asked about Obama’s promise of transparency. When there was enough pressure on him and he finally opened the door—we saw Obama in bed with Insurance Industry Lobbyist making a deal about your future health care!

Yes. Barack Obama made a deal with Karen Ignani, who represents the Insurance Lobby, to mandate that everyone without a health insurance product be mandated to purchase a “government policy” (right here). Of course that policy is run by private insurance with Barack Obama as its enforcer. Shocking!

Not to mention the 16,500 IRS Agents that will need to be paid to enforce this socialized nightmare run amok on America.

As for the corruption used in getting this farce of a bill passed, one could go on all day about it. Pay offs, kick backs, union exemptions, a whole state was made exempt--not yours though.

One representative--Ms Landrieu--even stood on the People's floor and bragged that she was no cheap whore & wanted $300M to support Obamacare. Well Hello, French Quarters!

It is disgusting that The People are divided and dealt with so separately and unequally , and in such a fascist manner!

Agent Liddy is right—the first act by Congress should be to DEFUND this mess and then decide to repeal, reform and replace.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lisa Murkowski: Heir to Privilege, Political Favor & Power

By Patrick Read

In the highly charged political atmosphere of today, one must consider the overall resume of each candidate and make a focused decision regarding who has the most to offer their state and their nation. The responsible voter will objectively compare & contrast to decide if they have faith in a candidate’s ability to lead during a frenzy of serious challenges, each with a lasting consequence. 

As it was intended, the voter becomes like an employer whose business is at stake, and the employer must make a decision whether to hire one promising a return to prosperity—even if a labored, tattered and torn return. 

The decision must be focused and based on work history, qualification, dependability, reliability and integrity of character.  With economic perils already realized via the riots in Greece and France, it would be dismissive for a voter to base the most important electoral-decision in 30 years on personality, humor, a pleasant smile or on how nice an one seeking to be hired seems to be. 

After all, most people seeking work say what they think the interviewer wants to hear. So, the decision must be based on employee history and action – not just words, attire and smile. 

But when the National Debt is $13.7 Trillion and 93% of Gross Domestic Product, and the CBO reports that the the Debt WILL reach 102% of GDP by 2015---The People of Alaska must act and better do it now.  Murkowski had her hand in this economic dilemma and cannot be rewarded to further its demise. Alaska already made the right choice in the primary and now MUST follow through.

A few of the issues at hand that need to be addressed & are on the employer’s table are: extreme spending, the national debt vs. gross domestic product, inflation, cap and trade, another stimulus, the reform of health care reform, potential bailouts of entire state budgets, progressive tax hikes only targeting a societal few, how taxes will affect the stubborn “total unemployment number,” domestic terrorism, the nation’s security and the war

It doesn’t seem like an easy task at hand considering the serious nature facing The People and our nation. But history paints a clear picture for each candidate.

Alaska is a land known to be the last frontier for rugged individualism, where the measure of a person is the measure of self-reliance and Lisa Murkowski holds an all but empty tackle as she desperately tries to cling to power bequeathed her.

Frank Murkowski (here) was a devout Catholic and Republican during the 1980s, but absolute power corrupts absolutely. He was a successful Banker when elected to serve as US Senator from Alaska in 1980. At the same time, his daughter took an interest in business as well.  

In 1980, Lisa Murkowski (here) graduated with a degree in economics from Georgetown University in Washington D.C. She was taught Keynesian Economics—a theory put forth by John Keynes—a registered Socialist (here) in England whose theory (here) took hold in the US, especially with Johnson & Carter. Georgetown was in recent news for obeying the Obama Administration’s demand to remove a Holy Crucifix (here) and have it out of sight before the President made a live address from the school. It’s not change to believe in for a Catholic Institution to easily dismiss the very reason they are established to simply appease the “PC Crowd.”

In 1985, after learning how to progressively spread the wealth on a global scale,  Lisa Murkowski finally graduated Law School from the progressive Willamette University College of Law (here) located in Oregon.  She had a nine year “college student career” starting in 1976.  It begs the question, what took so long? 

Well, the Senator’s daughter was a sorority girl with more than her fair share of the “Pi Beta Phi.” It was the 1980’s, or what hippies called the “Decade of Greed,” and a daughter of privilege might have indulged in all that society had to offer her. The boomers said that the largest expanse in free-market growth under Reagan, who recovered from Carter’s Keynesian Policy, was entirely predicated on “selfishness.” This wrong-headed thinking must be why their recovery attempt is taking so damn long. Clearly, charities did much better under Reagan, when people had much more money to give, than they are doing under Obama--especially as the total unemployment number (not just those actively claiming benefit) is approaching 18%.

But there was certainly some greed to be found during the 1980s and it too involved political corruption, deceit & payoffs. Bill & Hillary Clinton can attest to this fact after being involved in “banking & real estate scandal” not unlike the sub-prime mortgage one of today (here). It resulted in his impeachment.  

In 1987, a full two years after obtaining her law degree and finally with a full head of steam, Lisa Murkowski picked up and ran straight into a brick wall. 

She failed her bar exam in Alaska four times before finally passing the bar on her fifth attempt.  One might say the bar was set way too high. 

Perhaps it was just by chance that Frank Murkowski (his site) was finishing up his first term as US Senator and running his re-election campaign when his sorority daughter finally passed the bar.
Was it coincidence that  Murkowski finally landed a job in 1987, when her US Senator father was running for re-election? Nothing in politics is ever coincidence. She was offered a job serving the Anchorage District Court and was assigned to the clerk’s office, making it easy for Senator Murkowski to proudly announce on the campaign trail that his kid worked for the largest city in Alaska, serving their judicial systemLisa  Murkowski wanted that job so badly that she left it having only served less than two years---about half the time she spent with Pi Beta Phi. She took a job with private law practice in 1989, where she worked for nine years—the same amount of time she spent as a “professional student.” But it was not the end of her political “career.” 

In 1990, Lisa Murkowski accepted the Anchorage Mayor’s offer to “serve” on his Homeless Task Force. It was a position Murkowski held until 1991 – exactly one full year – and Senator Murkowski could proudly announce his daughter’s selfless act of caring for Alaska’s homeless—for a whole year—until the election cycle played out and Daddy was re-elected

Frank filled the seat for 20 years until 2001, and for the last six years he was Chairman of the “Energy and Natural Resources Committee.”  He was fighting, but losing to the Sierra Club, as the Chair of the US Energy and Natural Resources Committee. And there is no question that during this time Frank met with and befriended high-powered Alaskan Oil Producers and key power players of whom became known as “The Good Ole Boys Network.” 

In 1998, Lisa Murkowski re-emerged in the political arena and was “almost, but not quite” following in her Daddy’s footsteps. He won his 4th US Senate race and she won an election of her own and joined Alaska’s House Representatives as the candidate from the 14th Disctrict—a place widely recognized for its self-made hockey mom turned Mayor, Sarah Palin. 

Palin first took her political stand with the PTA in the ‘80s before being elected to two terms for the Wasilla City Council in 1992 and 1995. In 1996, Palin ran for and won her first executive position. Maybe Murkowski felt she was being out-shined by Palin's star in District 14, because as Sarah was serving her 2nd term as Mayor, Lisa Murkowski fled the area after serving only one term.  Murkowski was re-elected to the Alaska Legislature 2000 from Eagle River, the 18th district, just north of Anchorage—where she had served the homeless for one whole year—or just long enough to be added to her resume. How could Lisa Murkowski have represented either of her constituents effectively having only served each of them for one term or two years? 

During Lisa Murkowski’s 2nd term in Alaska’s House of Reps; Frank Murkowski came to know all the right people and decided to run for Governor of Alaska. During the primary he took full advantage of Palin’s political pull. Her star was rising when she was selected as the President of “Alaska’s League of Mayors” in 1999 & fulfilled her 2nd term as the wildly popular Mayor who had an 85% approval rating. 

In 2002, after winning his race, Frank Murkowski took his seat as Alaska’s Governor and had a decision to make. It was post 9.11 and the nation had just been attacked by Al Qaeda.  

The US already recovered from Clinton’s Dotcom Recession, and now had to recover from the 9/11 Recession while gearing up for war

What candidate could Governor Murkowski name that had the political experience needed to fill his Senate seat during this tough time? 
In the most affronting display of feudalism not seen since the English Monarchy controlled American politics—Frank Murkowski bequeathed The People’s Senate Seat to his clumsy daughter—the Heir to privilege and political power. The State of Alaska was so outraged with Frank’s clear nepotism & conflict of interest, that they took the power away from the Governor’s Office to name future national nominations when needed. He named his daughter Lisa as US Senator, who had a total of 4 years political experience in 2 different districts and 1 year experience serving on a Homeless Task Force. 

In 2003, Palin was appointed to serve on the “Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.” She soon became chair and was tasked with oversight of their oil & gas fields for safety and efficiency. This position was in Palin’s wheel house as her husband Todd was a worker on the North Slope and in the field. It would later serve as a catalyst launching the people’s approval of Palin to an all new level of popularity.

Also in 2003, Palin was named as the Chair of “Ted Steven’s Excellence in Public Service Inc”—which promoted deserving women in public service.  Since being undeservedly ordained with the title “Senator from the great State of Alaska,” Lisa Murkowski has been all over the political spectrum on issues, taking away from any sense of reliability and dependability anointed her.  And the controversy surrounding her knows no end. 

From the way she was appointed US Senator by her Daddy, to her now using the Alaskan Courts to release Judge Joe Miller’s private employment records—which have been made public for over 6 months—Murkowski seems completely enveloped by corruption & conflict of interest issues.  The Judge that sided with Lisa Murkowski (who filed the suit) was appointed his seat by Governor Frank Murkowski; and it was all carried out in the name of “The People of the State of Alaska,” using “Blind Justice!” But who did the issue best serve, the people of Alaska or Lisa Murkowski herself? 

It was this same style of self-centered corruption that led Sarah Palin to file ethical complaints against Frank Murkowski’s “Good Old Boy Network” for leaking insider information to Oil Company executives—the same ones appointed by Governor Murkowski. Frank was the Governor who purchased the Governor’s Private Jet despite Legislative disapproval.  He also tried to sign his own Pipe Line Deal despite Congressional disapproval. It took the threat of a law suit to stop Frank from moving forward with his “Good Old Boy” agenda

In 2006, Sarah Palin soundly defeated Frank Murkowski as Alaska’s new Governor. He only took in 19% of the vote. And then the wildly popular Governor Palin bequeathed her own benefit. She passed a “resource subsidy check” onto every single Alaskan to the tune of $1,200.00 each—courtesy of Big Oil.  And like her father’s Good Old Boy’s Network, Lisa Murkowski had an ethical complaint filed against her too. 

In 2007, while Palin was busy working for the people, Murkowski was busy at work using her position over the people.  She was busted taking a political favor in the form of an under-valued house from the same firm that cost Ted Stevens his career as THE Senator from Alaska. Bob Penney offered her a loan for river front property (here), which would have reportedly made Murkowski up to $170,000.00. Obama had the same type deal made him by Tony Rezko—who recently got out of jail. 

She only offered to sell the property back after a Washington DC watchdog group filed an ethics complaint against her. To this day, she says there was nothing dishonest about the scam (here)—which would beg the question—if there was nothing dishonest about the deal, then why did she sell the mansion before facing a Senate hearing? The controversy is not unlike Bill & Hillary Clinton’s involvement in the White Water scandal (here) which led to Clinton’s being impeached by the House of Reps in 1998. Her oath is her word, an judging by her concession speech made last June, her word is not worth the spit it takes to speak!

And beware Alaska, the subsidy check negotiated by Palin will not be issued for an eternity and was almost repealed by the Frank’s  “Good Old Boy Network” in state Congress back in 2008. You know, by Lisa's Legislature-friends.

Sometimes when people benefit by a leaders character it’s for only as long as the moral guide is present. Palin went onto auction off Frank’s jet on e-bay, but not before he took it on the people’s dime to Japan and Korea—two nations at odds with Alaska’s fishing industry!  I am sure good old Frank had a “whale” of a time though. 

Are these the real tribulations that the real people of Alaska face on a daily basis? I assumed they are struggling just like everyone else—with how to pay the bills, or what job to interview next, how to make ends meet or get ahead and prepare for retirement. 

Certainly, only the pampered nobility have to worry about what to do with that pesky $170K river front property. And who needs to be bothered about a jet when there’s a pipeline to jump on.  Lawsuits be damned when you appoint the Judges and are all but assured a favorable outcome. 

Everyone from Alaska is just like Lisa Murkowski—right? 

The next article will focus on Murkowski's voting record and how she uses it to benefit only herself. The history provided quite a grim picture to paint. The employer will have to make a decision on what to do for the company in two days.

Always be proud. Always be prepared.