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Monday, November 1, 2010

Tidal Wave: Health Care Will End Obama Regime

By Patrick Read

On the G Gordon Liddy Show “Live From DC” and after American Patriot, Kent Blackwell, beginning at 18 minutes and 35 seconds (at about the half way point on the scroll bar) is the "end of the Obama Regime."

Gordon was gracious enough to allow me time to talk about The Health Care Deform Bill, of which some Democrats are now running on—mere days before the electionso that their “talking points cannot be scrutinized.” Well, the Left's talking points got plenty of scrutiny with the G-Man!

The only goal for Health Care Deform is for the Federal Government to take over one-sixth of The People’s Economy. Maybe they think they’ll have the same “success” that they’ve had since the Dept. Of Education Takeover.

Click here to see a certified copy of the 2400 page health care deform bill.

Points of interest:

The Federal Government has absorbed the entire student loan program and taken it away from banks. It’s a power play to get Big Government even more involved in our children’s future—as if their stunning failure over 30 years wasn’t enough! It also places a bigger value on one minority race over the others in terms of student grants. Note: Not one student grant goes to any school in the name of white people--the one race with the most poor of all races in America.

Health Care Deform will raise capital gains tax, snuffing out any growth whatsoever by private businesses—who are the ones that hire us, when they have the money. John F. Kennedy even LOWERED capital gains & income taxes stating, “No nation can tax itself into prosperity.”

Socialized Medicine also punishes businesses with a tax penalty that “opt” to drop the elective benefit of health care insurance. Health Care is not mandatory for any employer to provide. Per Money Magazine, all premiums will rise at least 14% starting in 2011. In 2008, Obama stated of McCain’s Health Care Plan, that taxing business and/or policies to pay for health care was a bad idea. But it’s exactly what he is doing in Obamacare—just not as openly or “transparently” as McCain. The rising cost of care or the penalty fee incurred by business will further deplete funds normally used to hire people and grow the economy.

Death Preparation or Life Care Panels? (here) "An Independent Panel called the Medical Advisory Board:" Sec: 1899 (B): “the goal is to reduce the per capita rate of growth in Medicare spending.”
  • Not a government subcommittee—what candidate would want to be tied to that—instead our government hired mercs to do the dirty work!

  • Obama Care already cut 500B from Medicare.

  • As more retiring Boomers go on Medicare and spending is cut—it can only mean that the government will spend less than they do right now per individual—and this is called “better for America!” Less health care is better health care. Shocking!

As much as Obama likes to slam the Insurance Lobby, he certainly had no problem making a closed door deal with them. This was the core issue when CSPAN asked about Obama’s promise of transparency. When there was enough pressure on him and he finally opened the door—we saw Obama in bed with Insurance Industry Lobbyist making a deal about your future health care!

Yes. Barack Obama made a deal with Karen Ignani, who represents the Insurance Lobby, to mandate that everyone without a health insurance product be mandated to purchase a “government policy” (right here). Of course that policy is run by private insurance with Barack Obama as its enforcer. Shocking!

Not to mention the 16,500 IRS Agents that will need to be paid to enforce this socialized nightmare run amok on America.

As for the corruption used in getting this farce of a bill passed, one could go on all day about it. Pay offs, kick backs, union exemptions, a whole state was made exempt--not yours though.

One representative--Ms Landrieu--even stood on the People's floor and bragged that she was no cheap whore & wanted $300M to support Obamacare. Well Hello, French Quarters!

It is disgusting that The People are divided and dealt with so separately and unequally , and in such a fascist manner!

Agent Liddy is right—the first act by Congress should be to DEFUND this mess and then decide to repeal, reform and replace.

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