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Sunday, July 31, 2011

National Debt Crisis Reignites Reagan Revolution

(by P.S. Read, Washington D.C.)   

“If not us, who? If not now, when?” is a Ronald Reagan quote used as a call to action. The Gipper used it to win the 50 year-long Cold War over Communist Russia & Obama is borrowing it to alleviate his political discomfort of the debt crisis coinciding with his re-election time line.

Reagan was dominated by Democrats in the House & Senate, but he did not shy away from negotiation. He won them. And he used bold colors of renewal  not pastel. 

After Senator Reid tabled the now SECOND bill that included the wildly popular "Balanced Budget Amendment" (Cut, Cap, Balance & Boehner's Plan), Speaker Boehner will now kill Dirty Harrys Plan. Good because Reid would have increased the debt $500B.  Reid allows for a $2.7T Debt Extension & only makes $2.2T in cuts (from CBO here). Reid’s Plan doesn't even pay for the extension. His short-fall on spending cuts do not lessen the debt, but adds $500B to it. Not to mention it doesn't touch the ever-expanding base-line, result of automated departmental fund-increases, interest and inflation.

And Reid handed Obama a golden parachute. With the Reid Plan, Obama wouldn't have to face the No.1 issue facing the nation, again the debt he's racked up in his first term ♥ Reid's extension runs past the Presidential election it's not the normal, Reaganesque, six month extension but a full two years away.♥ The nation is "teetering on the edge" (per Dems on CSPAN) and Reid is playing politics to benefit the Obama re-election campaign & hinder solving the "national debt crisis" result of his out of control spending.
Reid also circumvented the Constitution by introducing the bill from the Senate.  Article 1 Section 7 (here) states “all bills for raising revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives, but Senate may propose or concur with Amendments.” Dirty Harry's not a Representative & is only plotting to bypass the amendment process

Fannie & Freddie: Most Expensive Bailout (here)
It's been rumored that Republicans & Democrats only want to make a deal to cut $1.8T. It must be a temporary fix. Well, they're in luck. Fannie & Freddie's portion of the total debt is $1.7T (here).
If the Government really wanted to solve the ever-lingering economic crisis, then our rulers would privatize "government sponsored entities" (GSEs), Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, without delay. They corrupt the real estate industry, diminish everyone's actual value (THEFT) & interfere with the Free Market to redistribute "housing" and make home-ownership a "Constitutional Right." And like Obamacare, its not a right, but a pursuit.  
Consider Obama's Stimulus Bill ($780B): One bill alone cost more than America's War on Terror ($740B as of 2009). And Stimulus was a lot less effective than the military in serving The People.
Panetta Says Troops Should Stay in Iraq (here)
 So why are Obama, Reid & Pelosi – the Democrats – punishing the military with a 33% budget cut & then capping it? 
Reid cuts & caps "war activity spending" (here).  Defense cost $120B/yr ($1.2T/ decade). Obama, Reid & Pelosi propose a $40B/yr cut ($400B/decade here).  And Leon Panetta endorsed the 33% cut in Military & now (thanks to Reid) the cut would be capped. 
Democrats only answer to secure the nation after al Qaeda has been said to, “leave the US at its most-vulnerable-to-attack since 9/11" ito cut the military by a third of its operating budget?  Why, did they or are they failing their mission?
What's more shocking: all Democrats voting to fund the Iraq War under Bush or Obama proposing to remain there as of, June 2011 (here)? Cue the media outrage! Right, there is none.
The Far Left chant of, "Blame Bush's War" is an argument for the weak-minded. As is their "war for oil" one. Unless Democrats would rather risk all those lives (from both sides) just to ensure Americans don't drill? Everyone else in the World can, but not the US? These are weak arguments & only make Democrats look worse than they tried to make Bush appear. They blame an American for responding to a cowardly act committed by terrorist on 9/11 while war was the response that ALL democrats voted for too.  

It’s as if Reid thinks the enemy has no culpability in the dispute  it's automatically America's fault &hopefully a Republicans.  Maybe our enemies would be so kind as to abide by a cease fire as Dirty Harry runs out of "war money." Suffice it to say, Dirty Harry, they are an enemy of Independence and will not abide by your cowardly appeasement.The fact that stimulus failed (and the war has not) & the fact that Dirty Harry & Queen Pelosi said (in 2007) "the Iraq war is lost," is what Dems are trying to hide (watch video here).  Dirty Harry is having flashbacks of his 1960s Anti-Military Protester Days (here). "War activity spending caps?" Maybe he's just pandering to Ron Paul.

V for VICTORY of war ~ WW2 to Afgha
Just think of the 9/11 Response & Safety Record: A record low number of all-volunteer soldiers lost, which is remarkable considering the length of war. Low foreign casualties, when compared to previous tyrants removed. The genocidal monsters of Iraq & al Qaeda have been toppled ♠ saving countless innocent lives. A liberated & democratic Iraq wants U.S. forces to remain. For the first time in history, women in Afghanistan are enjoying the right to vote. The want of Freedom is swelling in the Mid-East.  And there have been no successful foreign terrorist attack on US soil since Bush & 9/11, which again, is remarkable.
Ronald Reagan, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. It must be fought for, protected & handed down for our children to do the same." 

Link to Panetta & Communist Spy (here)

Default is easily dealt with and only means that we pay the interest on our debt & meet our obligations. The August 2nd deadline is a false mark set by Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner (here) who recently admitted the date "might actually be August 10" (here). For the record, this would now be the 3rd change to the deadline date.
Senator Rand Paul points out "America is taking in $200B per month. We have plenty of money to pay our interest & not default."
Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX) reinforced the sentiment, “There is $2.6T in the Social Security trust fund. Checks wouldn't be skipped unless Pres. Obama refused to issue them." Still, another bill sets out to guarantee payment to our military. So, when it comes to solving the fiscal crisis, there is no better time than the present. 
After tabling his 2nd Balanced Budget Amendment, Harry Reid told Mitch McConnell to “send someone to negotiate with Democrats.” Ask Jim DeMint, Pat Toomey, Rand Paul & John Boehner to oblige. 
The crown jewel for Conservatives is the Balanced Budget Amendment. 75% of The People support it and so do Republicans. A Balanced Budget Amendment would preempt the out of control spending by Washington DC and demand fiscal responsibility.
Go Big or Go Home 
The original debt plan called for a debt-limit increase of 6 months the exact same duration given Reagan who was ending a 50 year Cold War with Communist Russia.
     1a) If Democrats demand a full year of extension, then the GOP can demand a vote on a Balanced Budget Amendment by April 2012 AND include a 2 to 1 Cut to Debt Extension ratio. The 2:1 ratio would pay back the extension, cut spending & pay down the national debt  –  the reason an extension is needed. 
      1b) If Obama wants a debt extension into 2013, then the GOP can demand a 3 to 1 Cut to Debt Extension ratio with a Balanced Budget Amendment & demand all states be given the chance to opt out of Obamacare, like so many unions and businesses have already done. And like some states were already granted in a deal made behind closed-doors (Cornhusker Kickback, Louisiana Purchase & "pay offs" (here). 
Jim DeMint on Right To Work (here)
You've heard the radical buzz-words "balanced approach & shared sacrifice" being repeated daily. In order for sacrifice to be shared, both sides must experience some.
Democrats want to raise more revenue (for more spending) by closing tax loopholes. I think Republicans would be smart to accept their offer, but only if Democrats will agree to pass a uniform tax-cut consistent with Article 1 Section 8 (all taxes shall be uniform) for both, business and consumer. Like Bush, Reagan balanced & cut taxes for all incomes across the spectrum before closing loop holes.
    2a) If Dems insist on ending tax deductions, the GOP can demand Capital Gains Rates dropped to 0% (after ObamaCare raised it 3%) and cut Corporate Taxes 15% (because ours are anti-business, and are the highest in the world).
 ➣ 2b) If Dems insist on further dividing the nation, favoring only certain groups of Americans, while punishing the others who already pay the most tax of any (class warfare is a tenet of Marxism), the GOP should give it right back. Demand America become a "Right To Work" nation (here), that ObamaCare be repealed with MONIES returned to "owner," that Unions repay their bailouts just like everyone else (with interest) and to expedite the privatization Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac. "Shared sacrifice" comes to mind.♨ 
See Fannie - Freddie Bailout article here
What other departments are being cut by one-third, who have and are failing the American people?
Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac are Government Sponsored Entities (aka socialist hybrids) operating in the real estate market (background here)   As of 2008, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac added $1.7T to the National Debt (here). As of 2011, We The People have a $5 Trillion tax payer owned obligation (here)
The Reid Plan proposes cutting the military by one-third, as if soldiers caused the economic crisis. But Reid proposes no solution for Government interference with Private-Market & mandating sub-prime loans the root cause of the collapse.
Link to Fannie & Freddie's Political Donations (here
Our Government's redistribution via the private-market (not PUBLIC) for 70 years is collapsing the dollar. It started with Fannie Mae, created by FDR in the 1930s. And 70 years seems to be the life-span of socialist experiments, after all, that's how long Communist Russia lasted until Reagan & their ultimate collapse. 
Government redistribution of wealth corrodes every person's God given right to independence. The People's "PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS" is being replaced with a life of dependence & mediocrity for those willing to accept the great fundamental chains of Government. 
In this debate for solvency, Nancy Pelosi actually said "I feel like The People's mother & want to make sure each child is cared for." In other words, you DEPEND on Nancy Pelosi (Government) like a child does his mother. Talk about vulnerable!
For Freedom's sake, the process of privatization should begin immediately (not reduced by 10% per year until tax payer obligations are lower than $250B. See Govt interference here).
Clintons & Tony Rezko, 1998
Housing is one of the vulnerable spots of our economy which Clinton, Cuomo, Dodd, Frank, ACORN, Tony Rezko, Franklin Raines & Barack Obama each took political advantage of. The Federal Government mandated & redistributed fraudulent loans to the compromised Free-Market to absorb. They stole people's value & returns. It's theft that couldn't be accomplished in Congress, so was carried out in the market.
The argument that "the real-estate bubble was Bush's fault" is for the weak-minded too.
Jimmy Carter’s “Community Re-INVESTMENT ACT” (here) gave the market its: “thanks for the home ~ sorry about your 401k” kind of moment. The general effects of sub-prime loans & Govt interference with the market are (here).
Rezko's Obama-deal in Chicago.

Top-Down, Bottom-Up: Clinton's HUD Director, Andrew Cuomo turned the real-estate industry into a racial issue with "affirmative action mortgages" in 1998 (see video here).  The goal was to redistribute housing via mandating sub-prime loans.  At the same time, Obama was working for ACORN & executing the "top-down, bottom-up maneuver." Obama & ACORN would bully private banks into making bad loans for those who couldn't afford them while Clinton, Cuomo (Rezko, Raines etc) provided Government guarantees for those bad loans, leaving The People on the hook via the Market! Oh yes. The Clintons & Obamas have more than redistribution in common. They're both linked to real-estate convict, Tony Rezko.

Fannie & Freddie (owned by We The People) are all but under-water.  IF they want to compete, then they should turn loans they cannot handle over to the private market to affirm actual value (liquidity) & impose industry standards  returning The People's value (and their earnings) back to the market (to The People it was taken from). 
★ Instead of asking "gramma & the children to suffer cuts in care," just ask those who can’t afford & shouldn't have their mortgage to move out of their Government Sponsored & taxpayer owned house. Resell the property at actual market value to one who meets credit standards. Houses do not grow on trees, Comrades! Even Barney Frank admitted “rental housing is a better option for low income.” (article link)
The sub-prime pandemic remains dire to this day here
There are bigger & better opportunities to turn the economic crisis around. It's a simple concept – protect EVERYONE'S right to independence  especially from foreign Governments & our own.
I've said this for years (here), "implement reflective trade policy (fair trade) with all others (like CHINA). Loosen the grip that Unions have over employment & employers. And renew the Private Market with a flood of (domestic oil) revenue & American jobs." 
Why are we paying Billions to secure our nation as result of 9/11? Whether it's the TSA Program or Port Security  we are paying for heightened security as if 9/11 were OUR fault. Instead, propose a 9/11 Security Tax on ALL imports.
Drill Here, Drill Now: US Oil Shale Deposits 
If Republicans want to add substantial & new revenue, they should demand more fossil-fuel drilling permits & immediately increase drilling here in America. How is reliance on foreign oil working out for the USA so far? Domestic production would put more people to work, drive down cost on everything & provide new tax revenue to pay down the debt.
There's a lot that can be done with proper negotiation & it means give and take (not just take). Dems can no longer depend on lying & obnoxious behavior. They should be prepared to give, for a change, instead of always just  taking.

Democrats use redistribution as a means to pick and choose which moral issue to try & use. They continue to further divide society against itself.  And they do so while putting their own will above the Creator & disrespecting the God given Right To Life.
Abraham Lincoln relied on & actualized the Declaration of Independence ~ "all men are Created equal, and are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights, among these are the Right to Life, Liberty & Pursuit." 
Democrats continue to disregard the one document of America's Founding that remains unchanged - the Declaration of Independence.
The same Democrats who say, "abortion is only a 'social issue" completely disregard the Declaration (like before). Liberty runs much deeper than do fiscal issues, easily solved. It's inherent to man's soul to be free not rich although with work the latter may result. Children are also "endowed by their Creator" and are discriminated against because of age in order to "give" the easily convinced parents a chance at what?
The Father of the Republican Party, Abraham Lincoln said, "Those who deny Freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves"  and it includes the  so easily convinced and selfish enough to take another's freedom / life away.
(HereIf the pic is extreme, just imagine how the children felt
The same Democrats dismiss the $2B/year cost to tax payers (here & here) to run a mill that has taken over 40 Million innocent souls, so far.  Per the ACLU,  the states spend over $1.5B/year on abortion via Medicaid. Plus, Obama funds international abortions via US AID (AID= International Development) to the tune of $460 Million/year. And another $370M/year goes directly to Planned Parenthood (here). Still, another $39M/year goes to the UN for "population control programs" (here). 

Over ten years,  the total amount taxpayers spend on abortions is $23.7B. How can we afford all this wasteful spending during such an economic crisis? In lieu of knowing that $24B goes to fund ending lives of others before a certain age, it is demeaning to even bring-up money. $24B to end well over 10 million lives (add international toll) in the next 10 years via the American tax payer.  We're about to pass Mao Tse Tung's total number of 50 Million lives taken, and all while you & I quietly fund it.
Reagan awards Mother Theresa the Medal of FREEDOM
Do Dems really expect those of faith to continue funding this atrocity? 
 Instead of ALL tax-payers funding it, there ought to be a literal sin tax for abortion. Individuals should pay for their own contraceptives.  God creates life, and it's not up to man to say when.
Stimulus cost over $1T, Fannie & Freddie contribute $1.7 T to the debt (with $5T in continuing liability) & Obamacare cost $3T, yet the Radical Left blames Bush because terrorist attacked America & spent $1.2T over ten years on the response? And now they need “new revenues” after their radical agenda has all but bankrupted the nation? 
The cumulative total for just 3 Democrat programs is $5.7 Trillion. The Left thinks your money belongs to them, and say tax-cuts “cost” them revenue (theft)
Bush’s tax rate (re-signed by Obama 12/2010) “cost” $80B/yr or $800B/decade. The total cost of the war ($1.2T) and the Bush tax cuts ($800B) equals $2 Trillion over 10 years only a third of the grand total for the GSEs debt & 2 Obama Bills: Stimulus & Obamacare.
Democrats outspent Republicans by $3.7 Trillion over 10 years. These are just 5 pieces of legislation & do not include the revenue already lost by not allowing drilling but demanding redistribution. 
We The People are asked to raise the National Debt ceiling AFTER record level spending. As the Debt equals 100% of total GDP for the first time in history.  After ever-rising food & gas prices, result of the inflation caused by Government's continual interference in the market.  After a 20% hike in health-premiums result of Obamcare (which already cut Medicare $500B). And after only one bill signed by Obama (Stimulus) out spent the entire cost of the War on Terror. The SPENDING has to STOP & so does our Government's lack of respect for our God given natural rights & our independence.

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