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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Democrat Cyber Stealth Revealed: Neal Rauhauser & Radical Thugs

Washington D.C.
By Patrick Read
Some media outlets find it funny for cyber thugs to threaten Americans with death, rape, sexual abuse and violence while making incendiary racial & religious epithets motivated solely by their progressive agenda. But when the coordinating affront is an organization hired by National Candidates, it reveals an utter lack of respect for the very country those candidates seek to represent.

Recently published was an article serving as the base of an expos̩ being released one article at a time. It was meant as an introductory piece only Рnot at all comprehensive in nature. There have been some premature reports (Gawker) which only served to detract from the issue at hand Рthat a political organization, hired & funded by national democrat candidates, has set out to attack conservatives and tea party "members" using social media.

Neal Rauhauser is a blogger for the Daily Kos and uses the handle, “Stranded Wind” – a tenant to his extreme-environmental belief. Reportedly, his day job is as “plant engineer for a couple of internet service providers” working on internet protocols & devices for a variety of telecommunication systems. He and fellow Daily Kos blogger, Beth A. Becker, are also members of Net Roots Nation. At their 2009 annual meeting, Becker and Rauhauser helped organize the “Blog Workers Industrial Union” (BWIUBS) -- which admittedly began as a joke meant to rile Fox News, but evolved into an internet force of subjective bloggers who actively campaign for favored candidates.

Rauhauser talks about his technique in creating a list regarding BWIUBS,
  • "Yesterday I wrote a program to transfer the thousands of Twitter accounts we track from the secret lists on the public BWIUBS account into public lists on my very private personal twitter account Neal Rauhauser. T-list requires that the list be public before others can help maintain them, we didn't want to block the hundreds of friends following the union account, so this was the right move.”
And as result of this report his BWUIBS account on Twitter has now been locked & made private only for over a week (apologies to his t-list & hundreds of eager followers).

Having created some buzz, Rauhauser and Becker co-founded a political organization called, Progressive PST or “Progressive Politically Strategic campaigns for Twitter.” It launched on December 1, 2009; and having shown his innovation, Rauhauser was then invited to become a keynote speaker at the Net Root’s 2010 meeting.

He writes the software for Progressive PST while Becker handles their messaging and together they offer a paid-service to political candidates managing their internet campaigns, "Progressive PST was just the social media firm we needed at just the right price,” said Lainey Edmisten – Campaign Manager for the "Billy Kennedy for Congress Campaign. Kennedy is contesting a North Carolina favorite, Congresswoman Virginia Foxx – which may explain his desperate association with Neal Rauhauser.

Using his Twitter Account, “Stranded Wind,” Rauhauser coordinates with and acts at the bequest of seven national Democrat Candidates and two state candidates, who hired him to service their social media needs. Per his website, Progressive PST performs “outreach to a network of social activists, ready to accelerate your (campaigns) messaging via social media, ‘recruiting new supporters and volunteers” to further his client’s message and promote their campaigns.

Note: Volunteers are not paid employees – unless a group from Australia amassed by Rauhauser considers their recent media attention to be payment enough. Certainly, they are capitalizing on the filth that Rauhauser’s social-activist have & are still engaging in. But Neal Rauhauser is definitely paid, is a part of a political machine and represents politician’s social media concerns regarding Twitter.

According to his Daily Kos, “Constructing IEDs” article, Rauhauser wanted,
  • “to get paid for developing and operating” social media strategies for campaigns, “I'm going to go pursue the financial & organizational support required to make this happen. All that is needed is a little money & a hundred Progressives ‘possessed with the same cold fury that has filled me these last six years.”

In August 2010, the funded by Democrats Neal R. Rauhauser admitted to opening an alternate Twitter account called “Wing Nut Watch.” He openly stated that he directly created the account to monitor the “extreme elements of the tea party and right-wing,” (per his DailyKos article).

When one blames another for his own wrong doing (or sick tactics) it is called, "projection."

Instead of monitoring anything, Rauhauser’s group took to attacking and launching verbal assaults in a manner that few are familiar with – especially relative political candidates and those acting on their behalf. As has been disclosed, several of his volunteers are from Australia and Rauhauser also alludes to a few of them being from Canada – or what he calls “Canucks.”

On OSINT 4 Progressives (Open Source Intintelligence for Progressives), Rauhauser reveals his behind the scenes work as the leader of a group of listed activist whose primary function was not about monitoring extreme behavior, but in engaging in extreme behavior. His sites have been cached to a third-party-site in case it’s scrubbed.

Many of the same articles that appear on his blogspot.com site also appear on his Daily Kos OSINT page. And then there are those not shared on the Daily Kos site; where Rauhauser exposes subversive behavior, and uses his acquired technical skill to mask the identities of recruited social activists who “help” his Wing Nut Watch account. The user ids were documented in this list, which will undoubtedly change soon. The same user ids appear in his alternate account (here) too.

The following information exposes Rauhauser taking measures to protect his band of activists. Clearly, he only feels a need to protect his radical thugs because he knows they are embarking on illegal behavior: cyber stalking, cyber bullying & issuing death threats are all punishable by law. In fact, he shows that he is organizing, coordinating and leading the hateful Twitter group who has been attacking Americans via social-media:
  • “Wiki-leaks compromised TOR endpoints & screwed up... what could the (Tea Party) do with the data they might obtain? I have a cute little PPTP config for Cisco IOS routers and… proxies (servers from different locations) installed on our white-listed Twitter servers. These are locked down.. if I open them I'm either giving credentials or allowing IP addresses…of the people who take an interest in helping Wing Nut Watch."
He goes on,
  • “Not only should no one else be using your computer, but any point to point communications with anyone you're working with ought to be private as well. There are different sorts of privacy…I keep a spiral notebook I'm liable to misplace at the first sign of any trouble…the semi-literate Tea Party dweeb you're tormenting is probably on an infested Windows machine”
He then divulges some of his subversive IP tracing & recruitment technique,
  • If I send you a bit.ly link, and I am so inclined, I'll have your IP address as soon as you click it... Once I've got your IP address it tells me the general area where you live, perhaps down to a neighborhood level. Seriously, having your IP sets you up for denial of service & you will get scanned to see if there is a way to remotely intrude. It would require a subpoena for anyone to get your name. I'm not trying to scare you, I'm here to protect you. I'll be back later with an intermediate discussion of these topics and if you can handle that you might just be ready for a support role.”
Rauhauser further states,
  • "I'm presuming for the serious activists that nosing around the Tea Party and their personal lives are going to be strictly partitioned (separate operations)… If you're sticking your nose into the corporate funded, Ku Klux Klan and Storm front associating Tea Party's business someone may very well be looking back at you.”

And nosing around in the personal lives of Tea Party members, their spouses & their children, is exactly what Rauhauser and his group does. They do it as a means to limit the voices of opposition whom he considers a threat – whether because of the amount of followers, the effectiveness of message or because of the IP voice waves they use. If this sounds familiar then you are familiar with the Open Letter to Barack Obama regarding "5 G Warfare," on how to best use technology to win any campaign -- of which, Rauhauser certainly exhibits the tactics.

As documentation reveals, if any are to be likened to the “KKK” or are aligned with an organization – it is Neal Rauhauser and his “recruited volunteers” – whom leftist comedians from Australia found it fun to aide citing they “helped expose vile bigotry from the Tea Party.” To date there is no proof of any racial bigotry from the Tea Party; but there is a vast amount of proof that the only people these comedians helped to expose are from their wing – the vile left.

It’s an age old game of accusing your opponent of something that you are guilty of and thus by example evading suspicion of your own wrong doing – that is UNLESS your own wrong doing is documented.

The radical left loves to accuse the Tea Party of sedition – a term they became familiar with by the likes of Bill Ayers – but one must wonder if Progressive PST’s Neal Rauhauser even knows the definition as he indicates he will become the NSA of the Progressive Party,

  • “I've tapped quite a few phones over the years..... If we lose control of the House in November and the White House in 2012 I will have a different set of prescriptions based on the idea that a corrupted National Security Agency is interested in Progressives, but for the moment you can assume that your calls are safe. Yes, there is warrantless wiretapping, but it's a heck of a stretch to think there is a path from that operation to an organization that is fomenting domestic terrorism.”
What motivates Rauhauser?
  • "We’re doing this partially out of a direct profit motive, but the real profit in our eyes will be access to Democrats we helped to get elected. We could go about trying to build a presence on Capitol Hill, but Darcy Burner already keeps the Progressive Congress office just a block away from where our national legislation is being written... for me having a fellow software developer in this role is treasure.”
He goes onto state how he infiltrated & trolled right wing sites, including Twitter,
  • "I periodically make the rounds of right wing sites, creating accounts, letting them sit for a bit, then engaging in various ways. The ranks of the right are very thin and they get trolled ceaselessly by the left, so they're quite wary.”
Wary indeed and who wouldn’t be when Rauhauser and his vile group some from foreign countries (Australia), of which many members of the Tea Party fought to defend now assault unsuspecting users on social media. And are TAMPERING with the American Electoral Process. It's reminiscent of the 2004 Elections, when the Liberal PM Candidate in Canada stated he was going to vote in the US for John Kerry (here).

Greg Howard is a retired Marine and Disabled American Veteran. He lives in a small town, and is active in his church where he plays the keyboard during service. He volunteers as much as possible within the congregation.

Greg uses his real name on Twitter too and has gained the trust of 15,000 friends. He has a site that he blogs on and runs his own small-business.

Like so many other Americans, he hit a temporary rough patch in today’s economy but still musters on, caring for his wife and two small children. But Rauhauser's crew continually brings up a small economic situation while mocking and berating him. They "nosed around in the personal life of a tea party member" and it is not partitioned, but used against him by Rauhauser's followers. They are trying to silence Greg's political discord using Castro or Hugo Chavez like intimidation tactics.

Rauhauser’s group issued death threats to Greg and threatened to rape his children and wife (screen shot left).

Maybe this is what the nodding head Gawkers think is so easily dismissed. In reality, it’s a felony punishable by law.

But these are the tactics and individuals that Neal Rauhauser has chosen to affiliate himself with. He is seen time and time again on his time line coordinating, communicating and participating in disgusting verbal assaults. And these are some other racist & religiously bigoted attacks targeting another Twitter user who uses his real name too.

Maybe if one was living in America until the early part of the twentieth century – they might find the screen-shot left funny. Certainly, Irish Catholics (who are number 2 in nationality in America and number 1 in denomination) would not find this funny at all. Nor would Sicilians.

Is this the type humor that Australia & "Gawker" find funny: death threats, rape, and pedophilia?!? Note: death threats and threatening children are Federal Crimes too, even when done online.

Racism & vile bigotry is said to come from the Tea Party. Based on this evidence, it is only coming from the far-left who uses these attacks in a lame attempt to defile and cease all forms of our 1st Amendments rights to Free Speech.

When considering Neal "Net Root" Rauhauser, and the behavior of his oppressive group of social activist & volunteers – it is obvious why he sought to hide and protect them on the internet. Most of the above tactics he has written or endorsed are illegal and punishable by law. The desperation of the Left, as evidenced in the Democrat Candidates who hired Rauhauser, is very telling. They are doing anything they can to avoid the pending Tidal Wave they face now just three weeks away.

Maybe after they lose, Progressive-Democrats will take Rauhauser up on his offer to "legally tap landlines" and run his very own "National Security Agency" – where this article was just sent.


  1. 1) Not a swift read.
    2) Are you going to produce correspondence, tax information, filing information or some other piece of information to corroborate your account that Rauhauser instigated these supposed attacks? Or are you so lacking in basic analytic skills that you think correlation is causation?
    3) "the coordinating affront is an organization hired by National Candidates," (I think you meant 'front,' but English doesn't seem to be your strong suit)(maybe you meant 'coordinATED'?)is a rather strong claim to make. Are you also claiming that anyone who shares in a like speech message on a like venue on the internet is necessarily aligned? That rather undermines the position of Tea Party Activists who claim that the bigots are not representative of the movement. So which is it?

    I eagerly await your response and hope you aren't a Stalinist like Greg W Howard, who solicits comments, but then violates his own stated terms of use--thus creating a 'Potemkin Comments Section.' As a precaution, I'm archiving this post, just in case you are as much of a Stalinist as I think you are.

  2. If you had actually looked up what an "internet troll" is and what they are famous for, you wouldn't have bothered writing this article. The fact that you took the time to write the article PROVES you were truly pranked and STILL don't get the joke.

    Sorry, but you come off as a paranoid ranting cry baby because internet trolls were doing what they do best. You don't seem too "Swift" to me.

  3. Haha this is getting great. I love how the presence of a few Australian trolls makes this an international leftist conspiracy, too. Keep charging those windmills!

  4. PS-- Wessington

    Anonymous is talking to you.

  5. Anonymous #1

    You're dismissing death threats as innocent "trolling" meant to poke fun at Americans?

    Reality check: death threats are against the law. You may want to look that important piece of information up for yourself. Oh. So is threatening a minor.

    Does this type exposure bother you? Believe me, this is NOT even close to the last article, nor is it the most important piece I have to write. Just wait til the grand finale.

    Stay "tooned."

  6. 1) I've heard the same joke since I was in grade school. Grow up.

    2) Yes. Please feel free to look at the above LINKED information contained in "each article for the reader's verification." One link will direct you to his DailyKos account where he admits to creating an account which was the lead of a very specific list of "instigators." Or are you are suggesting that the DailyKos & Rauhauser are not credible sources of information? If this is the case, there are other sources of his admitting to the same and they are LINKED too.

    I don't claim he paid them, so there would be no reason for me to search for Rauhauser's "tax information." It's interesting you bring up tax info though, because I can't find any on Progressive PST at all. Nor a business cert. Nor a location. A search of Rauhauser's number (with a DC area code) comes back as Reagan International Airport. I've asked around and looked -- as I live in DC -- and he is not here. Sources have never even heard of him. Of course, one can obtain any area code one wishes from their Cellular Provider. Typical.

    Analyze this: I've heard it since grade school too, "learn how to 'READ." Or simply click a link and look at pictures. You may find it more suitable.

    3) Stop thinking for me. I meant affront. Look the word up and consider the opening paragraph. Stick to your own technique and save the lessons for your protege http://twitter.com/ToyLitPaper
    Being disrespectful seems to be your M.O. Not very flattering of you, young "lady."

    Go to ProgressivePST.com and see Rauhauser's client list. On the home page, Kennedy's Campaign manager sates they paid PPST. Or are you now calling the Kennedy Camp (NC vs Foxx) a pack of liars? They may be.

    Save your vitriol for someone who cares. I'm not at all impressed. Stalin & Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao, Castro, Chavez, Che etc etc etc are ALL on your side of the aisle, "Miss."

    Serving for Presidents Reagan and Bush, we freed many Russian satellite states from tyranny; including Poland, Ukraine, Czechs' & Georgia. And we tore down a wall in Berlin, Germany. We also helped Afghanistan to defeat the Evil Empire on their home turf. But I am sorry for your comrades, Miss.

    Archive away.

  7. Bumpy road,

    Are you from Australia? I was referring to nine Aussies who appear in a publication overseas. It's timely considering Obama's recent statement about foreigners interfering in US elections.
    AS you know, they only account for nine of them and certainly not all.

    Maybe AUS has a diff type sense of humor than most, especially if they think the above info is funny. Certainly, Hitler might giggle along with both, you and them.

  8. Rauhauser is an idiot. His mother is ashamed of him and he will not pay child support for his 2 kids. His elevator does not go up to the top floor, so to speak. He has mental issues and can't even drive. It's hard to believe that anyone would even listen to what he has to say. If they knew him personally, they would see what a nut case he really is.

  9. Still A very Relevant Blog Post. Rauhauser is very active with his hate free speech activists sending Conservatives to #TwitterGulag


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