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Friday, October 8, 2010

Desperate Dems Hire Progressive E-Thugs for Election

By PS Read
Washington, D.C.

With November’s electoral battle rapidly approaching, masses of Progressive-Democrats are furiously banging about their keyboards on social-media sites and engaging in a well-organized, systematic & desperate attack on the grassroots members of the Tea Party. They are also linked to nine National Democrat candidates and pine for their transformational heroes – whose petty change is being soundly rejected by the vast majority of Americans.

The following linked information contains screen-shots from Twitter relative Progressive PST, its co-founder Neal Rauhauser and his band of radical-activists. Rauhauser and his group engage in everyday assaults on the base as a means to deride & derail the Tea Party base on social-media. The links & slide show (at the bottom) contain graphic language: extreme racism, bigotry, pedophilia, sexism, violence & garden variety sociopath. They are not suitable for children, nor for the easily offended. 

Detailed documentation makes clear that Progressive E-Thugs are being organized and managed  while exacting a disgusting, aggressive and often times racist assault on fellow citizen-users of social media. It appears that attack-ads are no longer just for politicians and shows a propensity of the Left – from top to bottom – to organize aggressive assaults against their fellow countrymen. Apparently, the Left is at war with America. And it’s a war they are losing. 

In February 2009, Bill Clinton met with “Senior Democrat operatives to coordinate a push-back” strategy targeting the growing Tea Party Movement. 

“Big Government” disclosed Clinton’s plotting a “push & pull strategy” regarding national Tea Party leaders; to engage in “deep opposition research” in hopes to “create a mole from within” by way of threat or by bribe. Those who refused the Left’s offer would be the target of attack until their impeachment. Note to the Bill Clinton: you underestimated America. Again! 

The reason for the strategy is clear. The Tea Party already proved its political clout with Gov. Christie’s win in New Jersey, Gov. Bob McDonnell’s win in Virginia, and Sen. Scott Brown’s upset-victory in Massachusetts. And now nine of ten Conservative Senatorial Candidates – who Jim DeMint’s “Senate Conservative Fund” endorsed – are leading the polls with only three weeks left until Election Day. It’s a proverbial Tidal Wave powered by the Spirit of America. 

But as Bill Clinton is all too familiar with, “politics ain’t ‘bean-bags.” And Progressive Community Organizer, Neal Rauhauser, is proving the premise on Twitter with his list of amassed cyber-thugs called, "bean-dogs."  

The last sentence in “Big Government’s” report gives an ominous caution, “Expect the counterattack soon. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.” In other words, dogs are most dangerous when injured and cornered.

Clinton's strategy is being realized as members of at least one Organization representing National Political Candidates –  is recruiting "social activists and volunteers" to incite, provoke and beat others into submission to dissuade them from openly engaging in political discourse. They target members of Tea Party, their spouses and even their children (example 2). 

The Co-Founder of the for-profit group’s use of organized attacks has been thoroughly documented by a team of researchers & will be brought to light – in its entirety – to make you aware of how theory has become practice, and the practice has run amuck.  
Neal Rauhauser is pictured on the left. He is a Co-Founder of Progressive PST (PPST) – a group who boasts about representing the “social media interests” of nine Progressive-Democrat candidates. All but one is for running for national office. 

Rauhauser is known in the blog-o-sphere as “Stranded Wind”—an implication that wind energy is being laid to waste.  He blogs for The Oil Drum, Cutting Edge News, the Daily Kos (Founded by self avowed SOCIALIST, Markos Moulitsas) and is a member of the Net Roots Nation – an organization with a goal to unite & fight for socialized platforms – and to unionize bloggers. Rauhauser was even a featured speaker at the annual Net Roots Meeting last spring. 

Beth Becker (above) is the other co-founder of PPST & also writes for DailyKos. She is on Twitter as SpedWyBabs, BethABecker and RealSped. On her site, Becker says that she attended “Net Roots Nation ‘09, where the ‘Blog Workers Industrial Union’ (BWIUBS) and ‘Progressive PST’ were born.”  Their company’s twitter account is ProgressivePST

Rauhauser recently wrote that the entire Republican Party, the Koch brothers, everyone with Citizens United & each person with the Tea Party are all racists (see Neal & his friends in screen-shots left) who promote “economic ethnic-cleansing in Arizona’s District 05.” Rauhauser’s rationale for such a practice is “SB1070 and the ugly mood in Arizona overall, but (he) really think that was the ‘in-district calculus.’” He actually used the term “in-district calculus,” while blaming others for social-engineering. 

Rauhauser is a Community Organizer, a Software Developer, a Network Engineer, a political activist, an extreme environmentalist, a left-wing blogger (on many sites) and is on Twitter as “Stranded Wind,” “Neal Rauhauser,” and formerly as “Wing Nut Watch” (an account  now deleted). One might think that Rauhauser’s above hateful rhetoric is a rarity until they examine the rest of the evidence that has come to light with PPST’s stated “volunteer group of social activists.” They appear to be paid to harass & threaten American citizens using Twitter. 

Acting as “Wing Nut Watch” on Twitter, Rauhauser put together a seemingly anonymous collection of anti-social thugs called “Legume Of Mass Destruction” and “The Bean Dog Militia.” The same users in these two lists now appear on Rauhauser’s “Stranded Wind” Twitter page.

On his "Stranded Wind" Twitter account , he coordinates with his Progressive PST account , its co-founder (Becker) and also with his radical attack-dogs on, “Legume Of Mass Destruction.”  He continually motivates, encourages & manages them.  Here is an exchange of Rauhauser acknowledging the vile behavior of his activists, yet cheering it on as one attacks Roman Catholics and Christians in general; and is then praised by Rauhauser and offered a position.

Rauhauser admits creating "WingNutWatch" on the Daily Kos

In August 2010, Rauhauser published an article on the Daily Kos (see above) and admitted to creating Twitter’s “Wing Nut Watch” account (seen above) as a means to “monitor the angry right-wing.” He reached out to other social activists by listing contact numbers on his “Stranded Wind” and “Wing Nut Watch” Twitter accounts.  A search of the numbers – which were virtually the same number but for the last two digits – came back as the same location.  Here, a member of the group states that “Wing Nut Watch” (Rauhauser) was the one who organized the “bean-dog militia.” And Rauhauser still interacts with these same militants on his public time-line, where he also serves Progressive PST’s political agenda by coordinating  and campaigning for their “democrat client list.” By proxy, Rauhauser is acting on behalf of his company, PPST, who is acting on behalf of the Democrat Candidates who hired him.

Rauhauser both led and participated in vicious attacks on other users across Twitter’s environment.  He even attacks other candidates, like Christine O’Donnell. He is either a loose cannon or is acting in full knowledge of those who hired him. His public Twitter activity reveals that some of his communications have been legitimate

However, there is a great deal organizing, cyber-bullying and borderline cyber-stalking.  Reflect on the importance of his duty when considering the 2008 elections. The majority of people got their news via the internet. What’s more disconcerting is – what did his Democrat clients know about his tactics and why didn’t they fire Rauhauser? They obviously had access to his Twitter page as proven by their coordination.   
Rauhauser("StrandedWind") is also tasked with handling the campaign’s social media interest (Twitter, Facebook) and states the strategy is to collect social-activist & volunteers to propel a campaign into overdrive. But Rauhauser continually organizes, coordinates & motivates others to attack average American citizens.

In service to the democrats listed below, Rauhauser also follows the Tea Party Tracker’s Twitter account. Note the list on his “pseudo account” & his activity. He collaborates with them very closely. The Left’s strategy to win in November would be best served if “angry tea baggers” could be proven racists and therefore discredited. But the tactic is swiftly backfiring. Watch for an update about this set for release today. 

Per its website, “Progressive PST was created by progressives, for progressive (Candidates).” They developed, “tools’ that are active 24/7 delivering (Democrat) messages to select Twitter audiences in novel ways” and have “the ability to for campaign-volunteers to engage others on Twitter with pre-scripted messaging, allowing the campaign to maintain strict message control.”  

PPST's testimonials on the site include

Progressive PST rustled up volunteers and donors for Maine’s ‘No on 1′ campaign with equal parts ease and speed. The campaign was, frankly, floored by the support it got from the online community, and Progressive PST is sure to be an influential force in future campaigns around the country. Excellent work!” Bill Harnsberger – Core Writer, The Daily Kos, and Activist. 
“Progressive PST was just the social media firm we needed at the just the right price.”  Lainey Edmisten, Campaign Manager for Democrat Billy Kennedy. 

According to the PPST site client page, the following have hired Neal Rauhauser’s company to represent their message and to handle their social-media interests:

Progressive PST's Democrat Candidate List: 

1.)  Rodney Glassman, Candidate, AZ Senate vs. Sen. John McCain. Glassman’s website, twitter & staff’s twitter.

2.)  David Cozad, Candidate, TX District 06 vs. Rep. Joe Barton. Cozad’s website, twitter & staff’s twitter. (Note: Daily KOS article “OUR Candidates: Meet David Cozad”)

3.)  Billy Kennedy (Campaign Manager endorsed PPST with the above quote), Candidate, North Carolina District 05 vs. Rep. Virginia Foxx. Kennedy’s website, twitter & staff’s twitter.

4.)  Lois Herr, Candidate, PA, District 16 vs. Rep. Joseph Pitts. Herr’s website, twitter & staff’s twitter.

5.)  Hank Gilbert, TX, Department of Agriculture, Commissioner Candidate vs.  Commissioner Todd Staples. Gilbert’s website, twitter & staff’s twitter.

6.)  Brett Carter, Candidate in Tennessee, District 06, vs. Candidate Diane Black (for Al Gore’s former seat recently vacated by retiring Democrat Bart Gordon). Carter’s website, his twitter & staff’s twitter.

7.)  Lance Enderle, Candidate in Michigan, District 08 vs. Congressman Mike RogersEnderle’s website,  twitter & staff’s twitter.

8.)  Scott McAdams, Candidate for Alaska vs. Senatorial Candidate Joe Miller. McAdams’ website, twitter & staff’s twitter.

9.)  Manan Trivedi, Candidate in Pennsylvania, District 06 vs. Congressman Jim Gerlach. Trivedi’s website, twitter & staff’s twitter.

While presenting himself to be acting on behalf of the above listed Democrats, evidence shows that Neal Rauhauser amassed a squalid group of anonymous activist as a means to attack the tea party – even when not posting anything relative to Rauhauser’s listed clients. The strategy is likened to Castro’s Cuba – where the political opposition is oppressed and stifled with extreme prejudice. Time and time again Rauhauser and E-thugs are seen trying to intimidate dissidents by exposing their private & personal information – more often than not –to no avail.

The Swift Read’s Photo Album is a collection of screen-shots from Rauhauser and his vile social-activist. They represent a brand of politics meant to provoke for negative reaction and even get others to submit & resign from social media.  The reader can click the magnifying glass to enlarge the screen & then click-n-drag to scroll the longer list’s that Rauhauser has assembled. 

Take the time to note the conversations between the various characters and Rauhauser’s two accounts in question, “Stranded Wind” and “Wing Nut Watch.”  Another graphic collection of twitter screen-shots by Rauhauser's misfits is documented at NSOLD.BlogSpot.com by Twitter’s NSOLD account. By no means is this the extent of the documentation or evidence assembled in this investigation. 

 Based upon evidence, Rauhauser not only endorses but uses extreme tactics against the normal, everyday users of social media. He does it to affect his political ambitions with no compassion, nor regard for the human condition. 

The documentation shows that Rauhauser’s cyber-thugs are paid for their “services rendered” and after the entire expose is furnished, Rauhauser may no longer have a political career left. It will take weeks to publish it all.  

Is this what the Democrat Candidates intended in hiring Rauhauser & using the hard-earned money of their contributors? Repeated attempts have been made to inform David Cozad & other clients of this dilemma. Cozad has been asked to either confirm or deny his affiliation with Rauhauser and has been given the opportunity to condemn the above tactics. Thus far there has been no response.

The silence speaks volumes and is nearly deafening of desperate Democrats who hired Progressive E-Thugs.


  1. great job linking the word "documentation" to an ironic tweet about the beandogs getting paid as opposed to, i don't know, actual documentation. fantastic journalism

  2. Well done, SwiftRead. Don't let the Progressives get you down, man. The cowardly anonymous poster above can't even see his own hypocrisy!

    Keep it up, brother!



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