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Monday, October 4, 2010

Glenn Beck Replaced by The G-Man in D.C: Live Video Broadcast

By P.S. Read
Washington DC

G. Gordon Liddy -- The G-Man -- recently replaced  Glenn Beck (for reasons unknown) on Washington D.C.'s Big Talker, 1580AM.  To welcome the veteran Conservative talk show host back to D.C., the site is sharing his Live Video feed for 10-4-2010.  Simply hit play on the player's tool bar.

Author Tony Shaffer, of "Operation Dark Heart: Spycraft & Special Ops on the Frontlines of Afghanistan," is Mr. Liddy's guest today.  His book details Pre-9.11 intelligence and was recently blocked by the Pentagon. Apparently it is okay for the Pentagon to refuse books published that cite open source information, much like Tom Clancy, but its not okay to burn them.

If all goes well with the live feed, then you can expect more live video streaming in the future. 

For those who would like to call in, The Liddy Show's phone number is 1-800-445-4339

Enjoy the show and feel free to post in the comment section, using it as a chat-room.

P. Swift Read

1 comment:

  1. Yours truly got through to the G-Man at the beginning of the 3rd hour.

    One issue is that the video does not have ffwd or rew options. It's great for those who want to watch the show during the live feed or missed it during the day but not very good to use as reference.


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