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Sunday, October 10, 2010

G. Gordon Liddy Show Exclusive: "Dems Hire E-Thugs”

By Patrick Read
Washington DC

 After having collaborated with "Greg W Howard," and writing the first article linking Progressive PST to several Democrat Candidates – the findings were reported to "The G-Man" on his radio show dated October 4, 2010.  Previously being discussed on The G-Man's show – live from DC – was the War on Terror and the nation's energy issue.

The first interview about "Progressive E-Thugs" & their provocative tactics appeared on the Patriots Heart Network, dated September 11, 2010 – Hours 1 & 2. The interview followed Greg W. Howard's "Enemy's Hit List" article dated September 8, 2010. Subsequently, the DC Examiner ran the story and others are releasing unique versions of the investigative report, one medium at a time. 

There is still a lot left to disclose regarding  the investigation on Neal Rauhauser, Progressive PST, their associations and deplorable tactics used to derail the Tea Party. Here is a re-edited version of the original. It will serve as the base for further releases and disclosure. 

Stay tuned and don't miss a thing!

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